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UNTITLED #7 - Framed Photo

UNTITLED #7 - Framed Photo

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Framed C-Print
by Marcelo Pena Costa


– 11"x14" wall frame
– 1" wide x 1.25" deep wood molding
– Entrada Archival 100% cotton fine-art paper
– Kraft paper dust cover
– White wood frame, no mat 
– Museum grade acrylic
– Hand framed in the USA
– Shipping not included

In collaboration with Frameology

Untitled #7 was shot in the Finger Lakes region (NY). The area is famous for its wineries, most importantly its Rieslings. On a warm summer day in 2018, while touring wineries and finding truly outstanding ones, he stopped in what he describes as one of the worst glasses of wine in his entire life. As a side for the tasting, they offered bread and salumi, portrayed on his photograph. “Love sometimes comes in strange forms.” Marcelo comments.

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